Why We Want You to Succeed

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It’s easy to feel like you’re on your own as you try to lean into doing meaningful work. Whether you are still searching for your mission, or struggling to bring alignment between what you want to do and how you pay the bills— you can often feel stuck and alone. You feel overwhelmed by the distance between where you are to where you want to go.

It feels like you just have to do what you have to do and it won’t matter to others if you succeed or fail.

It feels that way to me at least. (Raise your hand if you’re with me!)

In my worst moments I feel like people want me to fail. It feels like they’re waiting for proof that I couldn’t handle it, so they can laugh, and look at each other saying, “I told you so.”

(I know! What a cruel and cold world the inside of my head can be…)

I’m learning that there’s another truth, if I can find the space to believe it:

Others want you to succeed.

It’s true! We do. I do. I want you to make it! I want you to find your way. I want you to take big risks and find yourself doing better things than you could have ever imagined!

We want others to make it so that we can remember that we can make it too. [tweet that] We want you to succeed in order to know that we too can succeed.

We are looking for stories of hope and stories that will tell us of a brighter future. We want you to tell us that kind of story.

When you make great things happen, it helps me hope that I too can make great things happen. When you face your fear and dig deeper into risky places, it shows me that it’s possible to do courageous things.

Your fight, your struggle, your successes and failures— they are all helping us believe in something bigger.

They’re helping us know that it’s possible.

Stay in it. The fact that you’re still here is telling us the story we all need to hear.

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