Networking and Career Management with Mac Pritchard

Mac Prichard is a career expert, communications strategist and business owner. He holds a Master’s degree in public administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He believes in making a difference in communities through his service and relationships.  Mac is the founder of Mac’s List — a platform to connect people to jobs in the Pacific Northwest with an emphasis…

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Finding Common Threads and Integrating Different Parts Of Your Identity with Marlita Hill

Marlita Hill is a choreographer, educator, and author of multiple books. She has built an entrepreneurial practice at the intersection of faith and art. Her conversations and questions revolve around exploring ways faith and creativity can coexist for artists.  Through her work, she supports artists in nurturing these parts of their identities together. Marlita runs two programs — Nail That Niche and The Kingdom Artist…

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Starting a Business, Franchises, and the Power of Ownership with Jon Ostenson

Jon Ostenson is one of the foremost Franchise Consultants in the US. He is also an owner/investor, author, and international speaker specializing in the area of non-food franchising.  He is the founder and CEO of FranBridge Consulting where educates clients about non-food franchises and helps them start businesses that fit their goals. He has vast experience in the industry, drawing expertise from his previous professional…

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Authenticity, Aloneness, and How to Move Through Transitions with Timothy Eldred

A friendly disrupter of the status quo, Timothy Edred has been inspiring people to live a full life for nearly 30 years. He is a husband, father, writer, speaker, seeker, coffee snob, pipe smoker, bourbon drinker and a person of faith.  Tim helps people and organizations release their potential by pushing limits without hesitation. He has influenced countless people throughout the world by helping them…

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 🎉 Episode 100 🎉

This is the 100th episode!  Dan reflects on the past 100 episodes and what he’s learned from building this show and what’s to come.  He shares the changes that are coming starting next week and previews the next season for the show. Please hit the subscribe button and leave a rating wherever you’re listening. Let’s go! 🚀