Optimizing Your Health and Making the Entrepreneurial Leap with Emil Hodzovic

Emil is a medical doctor turned coach, turned entrepreneur, and investor. What began as a scripted path into medicine took a turn as he realized that practicing medicine wasn’t solving patients’ health problems as thoroughly as he would like. He embarked on a personal and professional journey to redefine his work. Today Emil spends his time across a few of his ventures, as well as…

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Creating Your Own Opportunity, Finding Mentorship, and Starting Online Businesses with Stephen Somers

I met Stephen Somers a few months back and immediately resonated with his story and his work. He is the CEO and co-founder of Marketplace Superheroes. As you’ll hear in his story, what started as a curiosity and desire to self educate around online business turned into an informal externship, then partnership, and finally multiple new endeavors in online business. He’s so much fun to…

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Getting Unstuck, Becoming an Artist, and Developing Your Voice with Scott Aasman

Scott Aasman is an artist, illustrator, and, until recently, a carpenter working out of Hamilton, Ontario where he lives with his wife Michelle and their two children. I had a great time exploring Scott’s work, his identity, and his approach to both his creative process and his career. I left this interview feeling inspired. And I think you will too.

Better Sleep and Trial and Error Entrepreneurship with Mark Zhang

Mark Zhang tried a lot of things before starting his current company, Manta Sleep. As I reflect on this interview that you’re about to hear, I’m most impressed by our conversation about his trial and error approach to entrepreneurship. There’s an important lesson for all of us in this. We rarely get it right the first time. Our first thing is rarely our one thing….

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Mentorship, Life Themes, and Firing Yourself with Adam Anderson

I needed today’s conversation so much. Both this interview and the last one we release came while I was in a bit of an inflection point professionally with one of my other projects. As many of you know, I have run a few businesses. One of which was in a bit of turmoil. I’m happy to say now, that we came out the other side…

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