Finding Purpose in Higher Education with Jeff Strietzel

Jeff Strietzel always wanted to help others — a value he learned from how his parents raised him. That desire guided him to pursue ministry, which then lead him to higher education. Now a professor of leadership, Jeff’s found a space that he enjoys and a future that feels wide open. I really enjoyed my time with Jeff. He’s thought long and deep about things…

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Embracing Transformation with Hani Cheng

Hani Cheng is a transformational coach. What does that mean? She helps people embrace change in all forms. I love the holistic approach she takes — incorporating meditation, mindset, and (to use her words) magic into her process. It was a blast to connect with Hani. We got to go places in our conversation that I don’t often go with guests, digging into ideas around…

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Creating a Flexible Career Path with Samantha Alvarez

Samantha Alvarez spent the last 15 months in hospitals and ER’s as a front line worker helping fight the COVID pandemic. We discussed that experience in length in the last episode of the show. Today, I get the chance to jump back in with her and explore the many facets of her work and life. In this conversation we explore Samantha’s three tiered approach to…

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