You Don´t Need a Why

We hear all the time how important it is to have a clear “why” in your life and business. 🧐 But have you ever thought about WHY you need a why? Yes, I know the answer: ✔️ So you’ll be able to recall it when things are hard ✔️ So you can make sure all the decisions you’re making are taking you to in the…

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Experiments & Results: Season 10 Finale Recap

As we wrap up this season of content, Dan reflects on where we’ve been and what we’ve done over the past few months with the Meaning Movement.  Listen in to this Build in Public style episode and hear some hints of what is to come next for the show (hint: it’s big!!!).

Developing the Owner’s Mindset with Alex Sanfilippo

My guest today is Alex Sanfilippo. He owns a company dedicated to helping podcasters. I love and use many of the products that he is creating. I met Alex some time ago when I was a guest on his podcast, and since then, I’ve continued to watch him create more and more resources to serve this target demographic. And it has been so much fun….

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Investing in Humanity and Building Things that Love People with Amar Patel

My guest today, Amar Patel, is a bit younger of a demographic than many of my guests, but that’s on purpose. Amar’s early in his career, and as he’ll tell you in this interview, he’s in his twenties and still just trying to figure out exactly where he’s going, what exactly he’s doing. He has made the decision at this moment to pursue technology. He…

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From Law Educated Corporate VP to Leadership Coach with Arika Pierce

Arika Pierce is a Law Educated Corporate VP turned Author, Leadership Coach, Entrepreneur, and Keynote speaker. She uses her knowledge, experience and skills to help organizations and individuals make and become better leaders. Arika’s journey is inspiring—  coming from a  corporate top level management career and leaping into Entrepreneurship.  In this episode, we’ll hear her story and how Arika found her way into both Writing…

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