Becoming a Writer with Patrick McNerthney

My friend Patrick has had a nonlinear career path. I wanted to have him on the how and hear a little bit more about the pivot he took in his career to get to where he is today. Today he’s a copywriter and a writer. In this conversation, we get to dig into all the twists and turns that his career has taken him, as…

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Leadership Refined by Fire with John Cuomo

John Cuomo is a former firefighter and now author of the book Leadership Refined by Fire. It’s a great book that illustrates leadership principles through the lens of a long tenure as a firefighter. I had a great time digging into some of these ideas, looking at how they apply to the lives of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, self-funded entrepreneurs, and driven entrepreneurs — people like you…

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Choosing Your Risk Portfolio and Finding Your Definition of Success with Daniel Hatke

Daniel Hatke is an entrepreneur, deep thinker, and friend. I loved this conversation with him because I got to ask him all the questions that I don’t usually have an excuse to ask him. He has a very unique perspective on entrepreneurship because he’s seen it from multiple sides. He’s lived multiple lives, I guess you could say, even though he’s still relatively young. He…

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