The Microphone

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Picture this with me: You’re escorted from a posh waiting room down a few nondescript halls to a curtain. Behind it is a dark stage holding only a microphone on a stand in the circle of light cast by spotlights.

Peeking through the curtain— your eyes fighting against the spotlight— you catch a faint glimpse of faces in the crowd. Light reflecting off of someone’s glasses. Small movements here and there.

You pause to listen and hear the gentle murmur and rustle of this audience waiting in anticipation.

How many many people are there? I’m not sure. 400? 5,000? 28,000? The number matters less than their intent, which is to hear what you have to teach them. To learn what you have to say.

They’ve come to hear a short program, only a few sentences in length.

The stagehand escorting you tells you you’re on in 1 minute as the host steps up to the microphone. You hear her begin your introduction.

And now it’s your turn.

You walk bravely and confidently to the mic to say your piece. To speak your truth.

You only have a few sentences. Maybe even just one.

What do you want to say? What do you want these people to hear? They’ve come to hear from you. What is the deep and most real truth you need to share? What do you want them to know, believe, do, hope for, change, fix?

You take a deep breath…

and begin.

Share your brief words in the comments.

(Note: knowing what you have to say is an important part of finding and embracing your life’s work.)

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  1. AHHHH!!! How do i sum up my life in 1 min?!?!

    I love this challeneg of putting us on the spot to say something meaningful about our life and who we truly are. I think having since moved on from Seattle and our sessions, im putting to use all of the insights and the tricks of being more aware of myslef in my daily life now. Dan, youve really pushed me and encoruaged me so much in my most transitional time. I really appreciated all the time and energy invested into my life. Because of you and our work together, im doing something that i want to do. And it feels so good to be selfish. Its crazy but i feel so firm in me and its great.

    So, in my minute on the mic, i would try to express where im at now (which has been a progresive journey thus far). I would say “Hi, Im Emi. I live life a bit non – traditionally but i love it this way. Im a forever student and will continue to pursue growth, passion, and beauty in all forms. Im currently chasing after a dream to dance all the time, moving to Wales and studying dance at Rubicon . i imagine that my time there will take me on many more adventures. I am so thrilled!! At the end of my life, i want to be able to share a conversation with anyone I come across because we find that we share something in common. And because of my life, i want to encourage others to find their sweet spot in pursuing their passions. The world overall will be a better place because of it. You owe it to yourself first but then you cant help but help others as a result. Thank you”

    Thank you Dan!!!!!

    1. Emi! This is so great! You’ve worked so hard and gone so far already! I’m really proud of the movement you’ve made. Rubicon will be amazing, I’m sure.

      Thanks for sharing here. I hope to catch up again soon!

  2. I want to be able to live in a world where I don’t live in the lies my mind traps me in. I want to be honest and healthy.

    I want to be able to live in a place that isn’t only the darkness my mind creates. I want to be true, open and unafraid.

    I want to be able to choose me without hating myself and who i think i am or who I’ve led people to believe I am.

    I want to be secure.

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