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I rode my bike for 40 minutes from my home to my co-working space today. I pulled a trailer with Lina, my trusty side-kick— now in a three legged version. I’m a bit crazy, I suppose, hauling all of my stuff plus a heavy trailer on my (already heavy) 1979 Schwinn.

It’s a slow commute. And that’s just the riding part. It also takes me a long time to get loaded up.

It all takes a long time, all of this.

By the time I opened my computer and started typing this, it was past 10 am. What a late start! How frustrating! I have a long to do list that I know I won’t even complete this week.

What a waste.

Or, maybe it’s not a waste.

I get so caught up in getting things done and accomplished. I have so much hope for my work and what I’m creating with the Meaning Movement, and yet is it really worth it if I can’t take the time to ride my bike and hang out with my dog?

I tend to focus so much on the destination that I forget how important the journey is. Shouldn’t this be fun? Can I let this be fun? I mean really, who says that it’s more important to spend extra time writing than it is to spend extra time biking?

It’s so easy to get caught up thinking about the future and where you want to go that you miss out on where you are.[tweet that]

Life is happening right now. Your choice to read these words is a choice to spend some amount of the precious time you have in life.

This is your life. Right now. How you spend this day is how you’re spending your life.

I too often catch myself waiting for some moment when everything is working perfectly before I let myself enjoy this.

If you can’t enjoy this— this moment right now — you won’t be able to enjoy whatever destination you’re striving after.[tweet that]

Contentment and joy are a daily practice, not the product of some achievement. Your work will always be growing—arrival isn’t the point.

There will come a time when cancer will get the best of Lina, and I’ll look back and remember how silly and wonderful it was to go out of my way to be with her and take her with me. When I look back on this morning and this time spent, I know I’ll be grateful.

No matter where you are in your work or in the process of finding your work, remember to enjoy it.

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    1. Hey Megan!

      SO great to hear from you. I’m glad this struck a chord. I needed to hear it myself today 🙂

      Excited to check out that article. It’s now on my reading list!

  1. Hey Dan,

    Thanks for writing this and sharing this. I agree that we can get caught up in looking forward and not enjoying where we are at right now, so the reminder is always welcome.


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