What is Fearless February?

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February is here!

Welcome to the sacred month of fear, risk, and action here at the Meaning Movement.

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What is Fearless February?

It’s a social movement to help you face your fears and take personal meaningful risks in the month of February.

It’s an opportunity for you to dig deeper than tired New Year Resolutions and make big progress toward something that matters to you

AND to do it with a group of other like-minded people.

I’ll share more about it in a moment…

But first:

This project, continues to evolve, as all good projects do.  And I’m always trying to find the right balance in leading it: how much structure is enough?  how much is too much?  What’s most helpful?

This year, in the spirit of my goals and current approach to my work, I’m taking a step back in hopes that you— the community— will fill in the space.

Last year I’ve podcasted every week (see those from last year, they’re some of my favorites— labeled “Fear”).  Other years I’ve written about fear every day.

This year, I offer you this frame and asking you to take it and run with it.  You can sign up at FearlessFebruary.com and then you can join our Facebook group where you can get help with the steps I’m about to outline.

So how do you do Fearless February? What is this frame?

There are 6 steps.  Really, you could simplify it to 3, but I really like 4-6.

How to do Fearless February

Step 1) Choose a personal meaningful risk to take in the month of February

We’ve had people quit jobs, publish websites, travel to new places, start learning new skills, begin training for races, record albums, and on and on.  It could be anything.

I’ve found they usually fall into categories:



Business, non-profit

Personal, relational, spiritual

Creativity, art, and music

Step 2) Create an actionable plan

This won’t amount to anything if you don’t have a solid action plan.  I could create a whole set of episodes on this, but here’s the brief version: make it measurable and attainable.  Audacious goals are exciting, but a small goal that gets you moving is more valuable than a big goal you give up on.

Step 3) Spend the month executing on it.

This is the obvious part.  Use the month of February to take action and make things happen.

Step 4) Ask for help

The best part of Fearless February is that you’re in it with others.  We’re here to help.  Ask for help.  Invite others into what you’re doing,

Step 5) Share your process

I’m a big fan of showing your work.  I like helping everyone see how messy the process is— to show that we’re all human.  In that vein, sharing your process helps others see what you’re up, follow your story, become invested in you and your work, and be inspired.

You can use the hashtag #fearlessfebruary if you post on social media if you’d like.

Step 6) Challenge others to do the same

Finally, challenge someone else to make something happen along side you.   It’s as simple as that.

No fluff.  Not overdone inspirational quotes.  Just you, your fears, goals, and action.

Let’s go get it!

Head to FearlessFebruary.com to join in.  I’m excited to see what we make together.

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  1. Fearless February is such a great idea! I found it at the end of January and me and my group of co-workers (we’re all self-employed sewists by day) decided to do it all together!
    My goal is to work on Launching my business 100%.

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