10 Reasons to Face Your Fears This February

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I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into, but I know it’s a good thing— a very good thing. It all started with the desire to try something— to experiment. And I may have created a monster— a friendly-yet-fierce monster.

With the help of some friends I just launched Fearless February— a social movement helping you face your fears and take personal, meaningful risks in the month of February.

I know what you’re thinking: why this and why february?
Oh, I’m so glad you asked…

Here are the top ten reasons that we’re doing this, and why you should join us:

(in no particular order)

  1. Because February is only 28 days long. (You can do anything for 28 days!)
  2. Because no one says February is their favorite month. (I mentioned #FearlessFebruary to a friend and she said: “I hate February! And my birthday is in February!”)
  3. Because the holidays are behind us and the thrill of the New Year is gone.
  4. Because most of us have already forgotten our New Year Resolutions, if we bothered to make any. (Now’s your chance to take your year back.)
  5. Because winter is long, and it’s easy to just “survive it”. (And you want more than survival.)
  6. Because hibernation is for bears. (You, my humanoid friend, were made to make things.)
  7. Because if you knock February out of the park, just imagine what the rest of this year could hold? (February could be the start of something big!)
  8. Because fear is tricky, and we’re better off facing it with others in our corner. (Diminishing fear’s power starts by talking about it with others.)
  9. Because we all want and need support and connection.
  10. Because you have something stirring inside you that you’ve been wanting to create/attempt/do— let’s do it together. (And I can’t wait to see what you do!)

For the 28 days of February I’m asking you to take a journey with me.

This is your opportunity to take action on whatever fear you’ve been wanting to face and to do it with a group of co-conspirators.

Along the way I’ll be sharing daily inspiration to spur your courage and creativity with a focus on dismantling fear and taking action.

Along the way we’re connecting and support each other in every way we can come up with (a Facebook group for the community to connect and discuss, weekly google hangouts, etc.).

Would you join us? Head to fearlessfebruary.com. Let’s face our fears— together.

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