The Art of Mindful Service with Stefan Ravalli

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What does mindfulness and meditation have to do with hospitality, restaurants, and service?  For Stefan Ravalli the answer is everything.

After digging deep into the service world through bartending and craft cocktails, Stefan slowly found himself being invited to more— more than just performance, more than just entertainment, more than just making good drinks.  A journey of exploration that took him around the globe and deep into studying meditation practice eventually brought him back full circle— to service as a means a test lab and practice space for mindfulness.  Not only that, but he’s come to discover that the best service comes through full presence and involves pure action in the moment.

Stefan today is still in service and also works to help other service professionals and service minded people through his project and podcast, Serve Conscious.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Stefan does?
  • How he views hospitality work?
  • What are the other sub-categories people should think about in terms of hospitality work.
  • How he ended up in this career
  • Who mentored him and inspire him to be better in his career?
  • Things he did that made him alienate himself from people.
  • The big transitions in his career.
  • Who taught him meditation?
  • What meditation made him realize.
  • The benefits he’s gained from meditation.
  • How to become a meditation teacher?
  • How the tea ceremony was introduced to him?
  • The jobs he’s had along the way.
  • What is the art of service?
  • What is serve conscious?
  • His obstacles to becoming hospitable.
  • What he has gains from these obstacles?
  • How he deal with negative customers?
  • How difficulty and tension benefit you?
  • How to know when difficulty is too much?
  • How to know when to break out of a job?
  • The benefit of paying attention to where you invest your energy.
  • How he found his inspiration in bartending?

Resources Mentioned:

Stefan’s Website

Stefan’s Instagram

Stefan’s Twitter

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