Your Passion is Worth The Pain

suffering for your passion

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Passion is about desiring something so much that you’re willing to suffer for it. Nothing is only good, fun, and easy all the time. To pursue a passion means that you are willing to endure and suffer to bring about that meaning in the world (see last week’s introduction to suffering for you passion for more).

I want to get more specific about the way we think about passion. Passion is energy and desire. Energy and desire comes from meaning. Meaning comes from your experiences and story.

If passion is about desiring an impact, then do whatever you can to give as much of yourself and your time to making that impact.

Most people will spend a majority of their lifetime working. 8 hours a day. 5 days a week. 48-52 weeks a year. 30+ years of their life. That’s more time spent working than doing any other singular activity outside of sleeping. Listen to this:

Work will take your life.

You will give your life to something. The majority of the world has to do so. If you have the power and privilege to choose, choose how you give your life. Give it to something that matters.
You’re going to sacrifice much of your life to workβ€” work toward something meaningful.

You don’t need to choose money.

You don’t need to choose safety.

You don’t need to choose security.

You don’t need to choose a pension and private school for the kids.

Sometimes those things matter, but I’m here to push you on this.

Choose a life that makes an impact.

I want you to have the permission to stop listening to the voices that tell you to choose the easy path. Take a leap. Listen to your desire for more. Chances are, your favorite stories are about someone who was living for something. I want you to live for something.

Dream bigger.

Let your heart break and your soul be moved by someone or something bigger.

Suffering for your passion is not something to take lightly, but it is very worthwhile.

You will work a lot in your life. You will suffer to make ends meet. Since you have to work anyway, at least work on something that moves you.

In the comments, how have you experienced the intersection suffering for your passion? How do you remind yourself of your goals when things feel too difficult? Click here to comment!

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  1. Yes!! We need not chose what’s safe, predictable and profitable for the sake of convenience – so true!

    About suffering for passions and re-focusing on goals…
    For me it’s not so much about pain, struggle and an overt sort of suffering, but rather it is resignation, convenience and passivity that I need to be aware of and fight off; an anti-pain, a non-energy. These are the chief things that make it feel difficult for me in relation to me staying true to my passions, and sometimes surprisingly difficult to give up. (And give up again. And again. Grr.)

    In order to get back to sanity and belief in the big dreams and a meaningful reality, it’s very much about good dialogue and important stories that call me back to what I do believe Reality is. Interaction and dialogue are key for me – hearing another reflect what I say; and as I hear myself speak, I try to pay attention to my own sub-text – I find it to be highly informing on where I’m at in relation to my passions and purpose. So I call a friend, read a book, go on a trip with someone, pray with someone, and DO something I’m good at and enjoy. Oftentimes, as I do someting, I find my body will naturally navigate back towards a good path as I feel what moves me. (And hey, if it moves you, it has meaning! πŸ™‚ )

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