Why You Should Start Before You’re Ready

start before you're ready

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We had talked about getting a dog for a long time. We wanted a dog, but going from talking about a dog to actually having a dog is a big shift.

Naturally, I read books. Lots and lots of books (I tend to over-research). I had read at a couple books on training and a handful of books on breeds. I wanted to know exactly what dog would be a good fit with our life.

One day we walked into a shelter “just to look” (even though I was well prepared) and saw this funny colored little dog sitting in the back of her kennel looking at us. We talked to her and she seemed curious about us. We spent some time with her, trying to decide if she was “the one” for us.

I wasn’t sure.

I didn’t know what she’d be like outside of the shelter. I wanted her to like us and be excited to when we’d come back from being out. I had so many questions.

Even though I had done so much work, I still had questions. I still didn’t feel ready.

You won’t often feel ready when the moment to take action comes. [tweet that]

We took that little dog home that day. We didn’t have a bed for her yet or anything (we were “just looking”), but we survived. She’s been a constant companion and source of joy.  She’s the best.

I could have left the shelter that day and been well justified without getting a dog. I didn’t feel ready. No one could argue with that. But if I’d have left, I would have missed out on the best side-kick I could imagine.

Start before you’re ready or you may not start at all.[tweet that]

Your fear will always be there. He’ll be that constant voice telling you, “Stop. You’re crazy. Don’t do it. You’re really going to regret this.” There are times to listen to him, and there are other times when you need to move forward in spite of him. He won’t go away, so you you need to learn to move forward and take action in spite of his warnings— in spite of the feeling that you’re not ready.

In the comments, what have you been wanting to start but haven’t felt ready to take the leap? What is your fear telling you about your next steps? What’s one small step forward that you can take? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Good article thanks. Especially for those of us who OVER-analyze stuff too much. Dogs are great, just watch out for littermates :/

  2. Absolutely agree, thanks for this post, Dan! I had been wanting to start my business, but didn’t feel I was ready for a long time. I’d been thinking about getting all the ifs and buts sorted out in my head, trying to plan everything, build every little detail before launching, and hence, never launched.

    But now I have. I know I’m not prepared, but I’m prepared to be unprepared for whatever comes. 🙂

  3. I thank you so much for posting it. Your words “You won’t often feel ready when the moment to take action comes” came just at the right moment and got aligned with other thoughts amd struggles, and it suddently lit up. I don’t know where it will bring me, but these words were definetely one of those which changed my life (or helped me to make this change). Thank you very much!

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