Is Personality Permanent? With Dr. Benjamin Hardy

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Dr. Benjamin Hardy is challenging head on the notion that personality tests can tell you who you are. In fact, his research shows that they may actually be counter-productive to growing, learning, and becoming who you want to be.

He is an organizational psychologist, successful entrepreneur and bestselling author of Willpower Doesn’t Work and Personality Isn’t Permanent, on sale 6/16. His blog is read by millions of people monthly and featured on Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, Cheddar, Big Think, and many others and adds priceless value to your audience by helping them to break free from the shackles of what they perceive as a permanent personality.

He is a regular contributor to Inc. and Psychology Today and one of the most popular writers on Medium. He speaks and trains at a wide range of events. He and his wife Lauren adopted three children through the foster system in February 2018 and, one month later, Lauren became pregnant with twins, who were born in December of 2018. They live in Orlando.

I had a great time interview. It’s one of those conversations that I just wasn’t ready to end. I love what Dr. Hardy is doing. It’s important work.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Dr. Hardy does
  • Some of the major transitions he’s been through
  • How to handle criticism
  • What was his path became a writer
  • How to pursue a big goal
  • How to find yourself and discover your purpose
  • What is a “Ten Thousand Hour Rule”?
  • Where did the idea of his new book Personality Isn’t Permanent come from?
  • Why some people stop growing when they reach their goal
  • What’s wrong with personality test
  • What are “The Big Five” personality tests
  • The difference between identity and personality
  • How overly relating to aspect of your identity affects yourself
  • What is the “future self”
  • How you clarify what you want when you’re unsure
  • Why is your future self is not what you are today
  • What is his advice for making baby steps towards your dreams
  • How your past shapes the current reality
  • How looking at the situation from a different perspective can benefit you
  • How we can reshape how we view the past
  • Where confidence come from and how to build it
  • How to be more confidence in the choices that we make

Resources Mentioned:

Ben’s Twitter


Personality Isn’t Permanent by Dr. Benjamin Hardy

The body keeps the score by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

Make your bed by Admiral William H. McRaven

Man’s search for meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

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