Let Your Intuition Guide You with Rick Snyder

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What does intuition have to do with your career success?  Quite a bit, it turns out.

Rick Snyder is a business coach and author, among other things.  He and his team are working on helping individuals and businesses listen to their intuition— and find success.

I had the chance to speak with Rick about his work, his new book.  We dove deep into the concept of intuition and how harnessing your intuition may be the key to unlocking your next big move.

Listen in here:

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Rick does
  • How Rick defines “intuition”
  • Rick’s work journey
  • One secret successful entrepreneurs share
  • Rick’s personal experience of career transitions
  • How to use intuition to guide your career change
  • How to know if it is intuition that you are feeling (and not something else)
  • The key to knowing intuition
  • How Rick has navigated seasons of uncertainty
  • How to trust the deeper intelligence that we all have
  • About Rick’s new book
  • The three dimension of intuition
  • How to describe the outcome of the intuitive business
  • How to make decisions in an intuitive way
  • Signs or language of intuition
  • Intuition vs practicality
  • How to start  practicing decisions with intuition
  • How to test your calling
  • Rick’s mission in the world

Resources Mentioned:

Rick’s website

Rick’s Twitter

Rick’s company website

Books mentioned:

Decisive Intuition

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