Career Change From Engineer to Artist with Tom Froese

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Tom Froese didn’t pass art class his Senior Year. He went on to study computer networking and engineering.

After graduation, he began pursuing his art on the side. Over time he found ways to make more opportunities for himself. Today he is a Commercial Artist and Illustrator.

In this episode, Tom shares why he believes it’s important to take the longer view and have a strategic approach because it takes time to become a full-time artist. These days he appreciates all the twists and turns on the journey and says the path took him exactly where he needed to go to get to where he is today.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Tom became an artist for a living, despite failing art in school
  • The importance of giving ourselves permission to pursue things we’re drawn to
  • The power of choice and self-paced learning in helping Tom thrive after high school
  • The value of starting early but also the importance of appreciating our own process and journey
  • Why Tom believes you need to know what is driving you even when you aren’t sure of the next steps in the journey
  • How Tom stays motivated and the most beautiful parts of the job for him
  • The reason it’s important to embrace our difference, lean into what makes you unique and own your voice
  • Tom’s advice to people who are feeling stuck
  • Why Tom keeps testing and testing to figure out what lights him up
  • The power of community and meeting new people to drive change in your life


Where to find Tom:
You can find out more about Tom at his website, or follow him on social media. He’s @MrTomFroese on Instagram and @TomFroese on Twitter.

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