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AY Musik is a musician, sustainability activist, and budding social entrepreneur. He set an audacious the goal of performing live every single day, which created a problem: how can he power amps, mics, and instruments anywhere in the world so he could achieve this goal?

That question lead him on a deep dive into electricity, batteries, and ultimately product design, as he built a power box to make his shows possible. Now he’s working on making his “Sunshine Box” (as he calls it) an affordable solution for developing communities around the world.

All of this in addition to continuing to write music, perform shows, and help people realize that we all can be positive agents of change.

Listen in here:

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What AY does
  • How does AY approach music
  • What he means by getting “plugged in”
  • How his parents’ example shaped what he’s doing
  • What got him started with music
  • How he started sharing his music to the world
  • How long did his daily music tour go on?
  • Where did the idea of the Sunshine Box come from
  • How do they power concerts
  • AY speaks about alternative sustainable energy
  • Pros of using alternative energy in a micro concert
  • What keeps him going
  • How he describe his music
  • The reason he loves what he do
  • He talks about his parents
  • What he recommend to those who are stuck in their life

    Resources Mentioned:

    Book: Paul Hawken – Drawdown
    Dan’s article about suffering for your passion
    AY’s links:
    @batterytour on everything: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
    AY’s Twitter

    Software Generated Transcription:

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