[FTMM] Finding The Meaning Movement, Building in Public, Burnout, Failure, and More

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This is the first installment of a mini-series we are calling Finding the Meaning Movement.  In this series, Dan welcomes Raj Lulla of Fruitful Design & Strategy as a cohost for some “Build in Public” style conversations about The Meaning Movement, the current state of Dan’s work with the Meaning Movement, and personal/ business / marketing problems that he’s seeking to solve for himself and onbehalf of all of us.

Our hope with sharing this conversation is that these conversations will serve as a model, template, and diving off point for you in your own journey toward more alignment and meaning in your work.

The work that Dan is doing and that questions that he is asking about his life and about this very podcast is the same work that we are all doing in some capacity in our own lives.

We hope this takes you places that you need to go.

Listen in here:

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