Finding Your Calling with Your Team with Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz is an author and entreprenuer. As you’ll hear in the show, he’s an author first and foremost. He’s written six business books and counting. Personally, he’s one of my favorite voices in the world of business. His books are practical and incredibly helpful.

Whether or not you’re an entreprenuer, I think you’ll find this interview really fun. Mike has thought long and deep about calling and purpose in his life. We get to dig into the major transitions he’s made in his career, how he thinks about his calling, and how he leads an organization that is centered on helping his team fulfill their own.

Listen in here:

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Mike does
  • Why identifying as an author is a big deal for Mike
  • What lessons Mike has learned from writing his books
  • How he decides what book to write next
  • Has Mike always been an entrepreneur?
  • How did he started as an entrepreneur
  • What he’s learned about being a boss
  • How he thinks about the word “Calling”
  • What mistakes he’s made along the way
  • What he’s learned from his mistakes
  • How Mike measures his calling
  • The 3 formations of an identity crisis
  • How Mike as a leader finds ways to help people build their dreams
  • How Mike is helping his employees find their calling and how it can help your company
  • Why you should not be embarrassed on where you are or what you’re job right now
  • Mike shares about his transition from being an entrepreneur to an author
  • Mike talks about his new book “Fix this Next”
  • Mike shares his words of wisdom for those stuck on what to do next

Resources Mentioned:

Mike’s Website

Mike’s Twitter

Books mentioned:

Fix this Next by Mike MIchalowicz
The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur by Mike MIchalowicz
The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly
Profit First by Mike MIchalowicz
10 10 10 by Suzy Welch

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