The Problem With The Easy Win

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We’ve heard lofty promises about how easy success can be if you’ll invest in this or that product. I’m not here to say that there aren’t helpful tools, courses, and experts who know what’s what. There absolutely are (and I hope that I’m one of them!).

There’s just a danger of thinking that life should and can be so much easier, better, more clean, more clear, more streamlined, more linear, etc.

Easy success isn’t what any of us need. It’s thin. Getting an easy win only means you’ll need another later on. Sure, an easy win would feel great, but given enough time we’ll all be right back where are right now— needing the next win.

Take two sports teams of equal skill (you choose the sport). Have one compete against bad teams all the time to ensure they win. Have the other compete against the best teams out there to ensure they lose. A year from now have them play each other. Who will win? The one that has been given easy wins for the past year or the one who has been losing?

My money’s on the team that’s lost the most.

You don’t learn by winning; you learn by trying. [tweet that]

What you need more than an easy win is to know how to fight. You need guts. A willingness to risk. The courage to fail. And (just as much) the courage to get up and stay in the game.

You are going struggle. And it will be challenging. Finding your way and making things truly worth making always will be hard. But along the way you’re learning how to stay in the tension and to stay in the fight— and that’s the whole point.

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