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Learning How to Let Go

I get stuck a lot.

Recently I’ve been working on some additional offerings for my readers. Right now I have two primary ways that I help people find and clarify their work, calling, and passions: blog posts and one-on-one work. Those are two ends of a spectrum, with blog posts reaching many people in a small way and one-on-one sessions reaching a few people in a deep way. I’m working on a few projects to fill out the in-between.

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Initiate Before You Respond

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I have rules for myself about email. One of which is not to check email in the first or last few hours of the day.

I prefer not to check in the morning because I want to focus my energy on initiating and creating. Creating is hard work, and I’m usually tempted to go to email as a way out of the difficulty. It’s much easier for me to respond to incoming emails than it is to create and initiate things that matter.

Responding is what emergency personnel do to a 911 call. Responding is what you do when a glass gets knocked over at the dinner table. Responding is what you do when you realize that your parking meter time has expired and you see someone writing a parking ticket.

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Overcoming Your Fear Of Missing Out

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You’re always missing out. This isn’t a new phenomenon, but fear of missing out has become a thing.

Why is that?

The simple truth is that there’s always been more going on than you could ever even know about. There are more opportunities, options, adventures, conversations, trips, dreams, visions, jobs than you have time to pursue. This hasn’t changed.

What has changed is how much we know about what we’re not doing. Social media and connective technologies allow us to see so much that we’re missing out on. Twenty years ago you wouldn’t have jealous feelings about those friends who are on a road-trip or at a concert of your favorite band. You wouldn’t know about it until much later. But now, you see updates from people who are doing amazing things all the time. And it has the tendency to make what you’re doing feel less than amazing.

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