Creativity, Art, and Emotional Breakdowns with Andy J. Pizza

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When his freelance work dried up, Andy j. Miller hit the bottom. With bills due and a family to care for, he did the last thing imaginable for a creative: he started pursuing sales and marketing.

Years later he is now working as an illustrator with his favorite brands and helping people make it in creative careers with Creative Pep Talk.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Andy does
  • Andy’s vision for Creative pep talks
  • Andy’s motivation in life
  • How our school standard affect creativity
  • Andy’s struggle in some of the darkest moments of his life
  • How Andy moved through and past the hard times
  • Andy’s advice to people who are going through tough times
  • What Andy would say to encourage his younger self
  • How we are meant more than we think we are capable of
  • How parents influence their children’s future
  • Andy’s advice to “start copying people”, and why it’s important
  • The right and wrong way to copy people
  • Why you should not be afraid to be creative and to try things
  • How to make progress in your work
  • The frequent issue after college graduation and how to survive them
  • How to approach creativity
  • How important it is to look back in life as if you are looking at it as a puzzle
  • Andy’s answer to the question, “what makes your work meaningful”?

Where to find Andy J. Pizza online:

Instagram @andyjpizza

Twitter @andyjpizza


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