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Money, Debt, & Identity with Cait Flanders

When Cait Flanders decided to stop spending money for a year, everything changed.  What started as a personal experiment with money, turned into a transformational journey and ultimately a book deal. Today on the podcast,…

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How Letting Go of Outcomes Helps Your Work (and why you should try it)

I’ve been struggling with my work. For the past few months I’ve struggled with feeling connected to those on the other side of my work. I see that emails get opened and the blog gets visits. But the response has been difficult to measure.

And this has been challenging for me. I’ve spent a lot of time wondering why.

Am I doing something wrong?

Have I lost touch with my readers?

All of this has lead me to evaluate how I think about my work. What if my work at its core was about offering something rather than getting a response?

It’s not about how big your work gets. It’s not about how many people are interested in what you do. It’s not about how much money you make. It’s not even about getting others to participate.

It’s about you doing something that you love and offering it to the world— regardless of its reception.

Steven Pressfield on Letting Go of Outcomes

A theme in Steven Pressfield’s little book, The War of Art, is dedication to your work regardless of the outcome. He emphasizes the roll of routine and habits. He talks about how creativity is about showing up and doing the work, and not waiting for inspiration to strike.

He told a story of a book he spent years writing and the struggle he had along the way. All he did was work on it, and nothing else. But the closer he got to finishing, the harder it became. His fear and resistance became more and more intense.

Eventually the moment came when he finished the book and he felt a rush of victory wash over him.

The next morning he went to a friend’s house and told him that he’d finally finished.

The friend’s reply blew me away…

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