Art, Work, and Life with Ileana Haberman

Ileana Haberman is an artist and small business owner. She loves her art. In her words, her art is what she has to do— she doesn’t have a choice. And her business supports her art and allows her a life where she gets to create art. I found her perspective refreshing. I love hearing from creative about the creative process and what brings them back…

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From Acting to Coaching with Michelle Ward

Michelle Ward helps creative women build businesses and do work they love. She didn’t always have this career goal in mind. Her younger years were spent in pursuit of one thing: theater. But she eventually got to the point when she needed to make a change. That eventually lead her to where she is today. And she’s really good at what she does.

Your Mid Year Review

Do you even remember the beginning of this year? January is a long ways away. And with it is the blank canvas of a brand new year. People like to talk about goals and resolutions at the turn of the calendar. There are good reasons for that— after the break of the holidays, they’re ready to jump in. With the turn of the calendar date,…

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How Mindset Changes Everything with Caitlin Pyle

Like many of us, Caitlin Pyle started a very important journey in her life in an unexpected way.  She lost her job.  As with every great story, it always begin with an inciting incident.  This was Caitlin’s. What happened next is what matters the most: she took what she knew, leaned into it, and scaled up, and up, and up. Today Caitlin is a tremendously…

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