Initiate Before You Respond

I have rules for myself about email. One of which is not to check email in the first or last few hours of the day. I prefer not to check in the morning because I want to focus my energy on initiating and creating. Creating is hard work, and I’m usually tempted to go to email as a way out of the difficulty. It’s much…

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Why You Haven’t Found The Silver Bullet

The concept of the silver bullet first originated in folklore. In some stories a bullet cast from silver was the only way to defeat certain foe— Wikipedia says “werewolves, witches, and other monsters”. It has since become an idiom for a quick and easy way to solve a difficult problem. I think a werewolf qualifies as difficult problem. I often want a silver bullet.

How To Overcome Your Fear of Failure

I had a phone call yesterday that I had been looking forward to for some time. I was given a few minutes to talk about an event that I’m organizing with someone who holds a lot of influence. I pitched the event and all my hopes for it. The person said that it sounded interesting and wished me the best, but our conversation stopped there….

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Radio Silence: How To Respond When Others Don’t

1. I sent off some photos to a client who I was really hoping to impress. I had worked hard on them. I was proud of what I had made, but I wasn’t sure if it met the expectation of the client (making art is often like that, isn’t it?). The client was excited and had asked about them, once or twice. I created an…

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Why You Need to Find Your People

One out of ten people don’t understand what I’m doing. I’ll talk about the Meaning Movement, what I write about, and the work I do one-on-one with people, and they’ll just stare at me for a moment and blink. Then they either change the subject or they say, “So… you’re a life coach?” To which I often respond, “Sure. I’m a very specific kind of…

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