The Gratitude Challenge

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At the time of this writing, tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US.  It’s a time of year that’s usually filled with family, food, and (American) football.

It rarely has much to do with the name, “Thanksgiving”.

I think we should change that; because cultivating gratitude can change your life in profound ways.

So here’s a simple challenge:
– Set a timer for 5 minutes.
– Ask yourself: who and what am I thankful for?
– Write down everything that comes to mind with no explanation or censoring.

After the timer goes off, read through your list.  My bet is that you’ll be surprised by who and what is (and isn’t) on your list.  This is especially true after you get past the things that you wrote just because you felt like you’re supposed to write them.

If you want to take this to the next level, try some of these:
– If particular people come to mind, send them a quick note.  Consider telling them that you did this exercise and invite them to join.
– If you have particular people in your life that you’re gathering with on this holiday, consider doing this together.
– Share this post and challenge others to try it.

If you do actually do this, comment below.  I’d love to hear what you experience and give you a digital high five.

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