Art, Work, and Life with Ileana Haberman

Ileana Haberman is an artist and small business owner. She loves her art. In her words, her art is what she has to do— she doesn’t have a choice. And her business supports her art and allows her a life where she gets to create art.

I found her perspective refreshing.

I love hearing from creative about the creative process and what brings them back to their art. I really enjoyed hearing Ileana process why she creates and what it does for her. It’s really quite beautiful.

Listen in here:

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Ileana does?
  • What is the intriguing part of what she does she enjoys?
  • Does she consider herself as an artist?
  • What is the hindrance that keeps her from doing what she loves?
  • When did her interest in art begin?
  • How she got started doing embroidery?
  • What is the inspiration for the work?
  • How does she choose what to create?
  • Why did she change her name?
  • How can she balance making ends meet and making art?
  • What is the effect of her art to her daily living?
  • She shares why she loves art.
  • How she deals with self-censorship.
  • How she uses her art and experiences to mold and teach her pre-school students about life?
  • What are her hopes in her arts?
  • What is “the successful life” for Ileana?

Where to find Ileana Haberman online:

Ileana’s  Instagram

Ileana’s  Website

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