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Pivoting Into Your Calling with Branden Harvey

Branden Harvey is a storyteller who uses photography, social media, and many other mediums to tell of the good in the world.  He’s the host of the Sounds Good Podcast and writes weekly about best things happening in the world in his Goodnewsletter.


I had the chance to talk with Branden about his ever changing work, the importance of pivoting and adapting, and why he does what the does.  It was a fantastic conversation.  Branden is charismatic and kind.  We had a lot of fun connecting.

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The Pursuit of Global Impact With Dressember’s Blythe Hill

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Blythe Hill is the founder of an international movement that raises awareness of sex trafficking and supports the work of anti-trafficking and aftercare organizations.

So often we learn about global problems and feel powerless to do anything about them. I love how Blythe’s work offers a way for anyone to help— for anyone to give their time, energy — to take what you have, by way of interests and opportunities, and put it to work for something big in the world.

She’s taking a problem that can feel far away, and offering an invitation to become part of the solution.

I left this conversation feeling inspired and encouraged. I’m so grateful for the work she does, and that she’s the one leading her organization

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Self Compassion in Your Career with Leo Babauta

Leo Babauta is a blogger, author, and teacher.  He is the creator of the popular blog zen  Leo’s work and expertise centers on personal change.

I had the opportunity to speak with Leo about his journey into blogging, and what makes it worth while.  And it was such a gift to speak with him.  He carries himself with a gentleness and kindness that puts you at ease in his presence.  I had so just much fun talking with him.

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The Best Way to Find Your Dream Job

One of the most common struggles in the search for meaning and purpose is what amounts to a career bait-and-switch. This isn’t intentional, by any means. And it’s often self imposed.

Here’s how it typically goes:

  • While in high school, a young man decides that he wants to be a teacher.
  • He pursues that job whole-heartedly.
  • He gets a degree in teaching and is excited to someday have his own classroom.
  • As a soon to be graduating college senior, he does a semester of student teaching.
  • During his student teaching, he struggles. Though he loves kids, he doesn’t like having to control them. Though he loves educating, he loathes all the lesson planning that teaching requires.
  • He gets his education degree, and lands a job a teaching— because he just needs a job. And again he’s confronted with how much it’s not a good fit for him.

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Is Your Dream Job a Fantasy? Take the Litmus Test

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Do you have a dream job? A job that you would take if you were offered it, no matter what?

Many people do. I have a friend who would do anything to work at Pixar. I know others who would love to work at a great tech company like Google, Apple, or Facebook. Or give their time to cool non profit like Charity:Water, or a well branded product-based company like Everlane, Warby Parker, or others.

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