Rekindling the Passion in Your Career with Cathy Terepocki

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What do you do when your art and work no longer give you the same spark it once did?  How do you rediscover it?  After working hard for years to establish herself as a full-time ceramics artist, these are the questions that Cathy Terepocki found herself asking.

Of all the arts to pursue, ceramics would be the most difficult of vocations.  It’s labor intensive.  It’s challenging to scale.  While getting your hands dirty sounds fun, you have to really love it to commit your life to it.

Today’s guest has done exactly that.  Cathy’s uses muted colors and delicate lines to bring a sense of playfulness and movement to her work.   I really love her work, and I think you will too.   We had the chance to talk about why she does what she does, and how she finds the meaning and passion in it.

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In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Why Cathy chose to go into ceramics.
  • The struggle Cathy had with the view of her job as just a hobby.
  • How Cathy got to the point of overwhelm.
  • How Cathy was able to create product designs for a large retailer.
  • How women in Indonesia harvesting cotton and making clothes influenced her work.
  • The need she had to stop and gain perspective.
  • How tapping into her local community helped to rekindle her passion.
  • How she is exploring new possibilities.
  • Finding your voice as an artist.
  • Why she decided to sell her art wholesale.

How to find Cathy’s work

Cathy’s instagram

Cathy’s website

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