How Your Heartbeat Shapes Your Future with Tyler Mongan

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Research shows that the physiological state of our bodies effects our mental state and imagination.  In other words, what you’re experiencing and feeling in your body at any moment has an impact on the way your mind works.

In today’s show, host Dan Cumberland talks with business consultant and heart-centered futurist Tyler Mongan about his work, his career, and how we can use our heartbeat to shape our futures.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How our physiological state impacts our ideas and decision making processes
  • Tyler’s journey from business to med school and back to business
  • The importance of choosing to follow your own path, even if the destination isn’t clear yet
  • The relationship between intuition and logic and how they play out in Tyler’s life
  • The connection between the heart and the brain and how Tyler uses them to help individuals and teams
  • The heartbeat-focused practice Tyler teaches in workshops and when consulting to create a relaxed but focused state in himself and his clients
  • How Tyler has used this to stay calm and relaxed and manage difficult situations working with competitive, alpha executives
  • The value in reducing friction between you and the concept itself, but also between all the people in the room, and the concept
  • The power of this practice to create frictionless future ideas

Where to find Tyler Mongan online:

You can find more about Tyler’s work at  and his events at

Action Step:

Experiment with the physiological shift of moving from brain to heart, competition to collaboration.

Also mentioned:

The HeartMath Institute

The Hansa Medical Centre

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