The Future of Food with Chase Purdy

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Chase Purdy is a journalist who has found himself in a very specific but surprisingly fun and fascinating corner of journalism: cell-cultured meat. Whether or not you even know what that is or have any judgements about it, I invite you to put them aside and come along on a captivating journey with us as we dive deep into food, sustainability, and what might be the future of food.

We get to hear some of Chase’s career path and the major transitions he’s made, as well as about his new book.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Chase does
  • How he got into this sub niche of journalism
  • Did he always know that he wanted to be a journalist?
  • How he handles criticism of his work
  • What the word “Voice” means to him as a writer or journalist?
  • What is he trying to do as a journalist?
  • What is appealing about food journalism
  • What attracted him to the food space
  • What is cell cultured meat?
  • What’s the difference between cell cultured meat and meat from live stocks?
  • What is the environmental effect of this meats
  • Would you eat a self cultured burger?
  • What are the most surprising aspect revealed about this topic
  • Who are the people behind this concept
  • What would be the possible future cost of this meat?
  • What legacy he wants  to leave with this book?

Resources Mentioned:

Chase’s Twitter

Chase’s book: Billion Dollar Burger

The Kingdom and the Power by Gay Talese

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