The Art of Productive Disagreement with Buster Benson

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I’ve been following Buster Benson for years. His journaling platform,, has been a part of my writing process since the inception of the Meaning Movement.

Something that’s always spoken to me about Buster’s work is first, how he works to create tools to help people improve, and second, how he’s always working on projects. He’s not one to sit around, and I really resonate with that.

His most recent work is a book about the importance of disagreements and how to make them productive.

In our interview we dig into Buster’s work, his many projects, and do a deep dive into how we can make disagreements something more than arguments.

I loved connecting with Buster. He’s an inspiration and doing such important work.

Listen in here:

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What does Buster do?
  • What is the question he uses to start his projects?
  • What is the “Art of Productive Disagreement”?
  • How Buster ended up to his current career
  • When is it time to make a move or career change?
  • His message to those planning to leap to another job or career
  • Why do we get to the point that we feel stuck?
  • What is a Cognitive biases?
  • Examples of Confirmation biases
  • What is Naive Realism?
  • The benefit of learning Cognitive biases
  • Some highlights from Buster’s book
  • Benefits of practicing disagreement
  • What’s the fruit of disagreement?
  • Four categories of Internal Voices: the voice of power, the voice of reason, the voice of avoidance, and the voice of possibility.
  • What are the different approaches to disagreement?
  • What impact does he hope for his book

Resources Mentioned:

Buster’s website

Buster’s Twitter

Buster’s Book: Art of Productive Disagreement by Buster Benson

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