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How My Story Shapes Me and Yours Shapes You

The smell of popcorn and fried sweet cakes was in the air. The open and empty space of the Orange County Fairground was packed with vendors, food carts, and lots of people milling around. My 10 year old self walked by a booth and a man called out to me and told me to throw a sticky ball at a target. Before I knew it, he put it in my hand.

I don’t know what it was made of. It was a gelatinous ball, a bit smaller than a tennis ball. And it was very sticky. It all happened so fast. “I guess I’ll try,” I thought. So I threw the ball, and (of course) it stuck to my hand and hit the ground not that far in front of me.

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Write Your Story — Here’s How To Start

Tell me a story. Tell me one of the most impactful moments of your early life.

What comes to mind when I ask that? Where does it take you?

I feel myself racing through experiences. My mind is catches glimpses of scenes. Most are fleeting, but some are more substantial. Some stories really stay with us. It’s remarkable— almost magical—the way we can sort and recall our memories.

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The Source of Calling and How Most Theories Fail (A Response To Michael Hyatt)

Calling comes from a deep place inside yourself— the very deepest. It’s a place where desire, fear, risk, and hope all tangle up into this ball of feelings connected to your identity. It’s a vulnerable place, and it’s a tender place. It’s not a place that’s easily or quickly accessed.

One of my favorite bloggers, Michael Hyatt wrote a blog post and a podcast on calling. I respect him tremendously. I read everything he writes and have been very influenced by his book. But I’m frustrated by the model he presented. I believe he missed the mark here— as people often do when they talk about calling.

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The Stories You Tell Yourself (and the stories you don’t)

“You’re so good at inviting people in,” Hailey said, as we stood around her kitchen. I was talking with two good friends about a small event Stacia and I are planning to help us feel less alone and more supported in our work.

I was really moved by these words because the story I hear internally is often that I’m alone and that I’m not good at bringing people around me. The story in my head is that I do too much myself and don’t know how to share it.

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