Sabbaticals Are For Everyone: Why, How, and When

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Today’s episode is a little different. In my conversation with Corbett Barr in the last episode, I was struck by the role that time off played in his career shift. We talked about it as both a “sabbatical” and a “vision quest”. Though most people might be familier with these idea, it is commonly something reserved for clergy and teachers.

Today, I wanted to explore the idea of intentional time off for everyone, so I got together with my good friend Lacy Clark Ellman. Lacy is a spiritual director and blogger who writes around idea of intentionality in life. She also has just returned from a sabbatical.

We talk about what sabbaticals are and how everyone could benefit from taking one.

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Resources mentioned in this episode include:
Creating a Sabbatical Just for You by Lacy:
Danielle Laport’s Desire Map
Elizabeth Gilbert Eat Pray Love
Lacy’s headshot is by Sparkfly Photography

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