When Injury Ends a Career with Matt McWilliams

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After he was forced to give up his dream of being a professional golfer due to injury, Matt landed a job teaching golf in his Dad’s business. It was here that he first dabbled in the world of online marketing, back in 2002, and found he had a real knack for it.

Today, Matt is an affiliate marketer who works with some of the top online entrepreneurs, helping them run their affiliate programs. Matt has a blog, a recently launched podcast and a popular online course all geared towards teaching people how to make money through affiliate marketing like he has done and keep their dreams alive.

Listen in here:

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What you will learn in this episode:

  • What an affiliate program is and why Matt loves affiliate marketing
  • Matt’s journey from professional golfer, to golf teaching, to affiliate marketer
  • Why his Dad fired him even though he was bringing in $10,000 worth of business a weekend
  • How Matt gets the best of both worlds in the affiliate marketing, being both a people person and a tech guy
  • The value in taking an expensive side hobby and turning it into a legitimate business so they don’t give up their dreams
  • How Matt helps people make their first few dollars online
  • The $18 million offer Matt rejected when he was 28 years old and why he’s glad he did
  • The power in telling your story

How to find Matt:
Matt’s podcast The Affiliate Guy Daily.
Matt’s course No Product, No Problem.

Action Step:

Go to http://www.mattmcwilliams.com/meaning to grab the 2 free resources Matt has put together especially for listeners.

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