Why Your Dreams Matter

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Your dreams matter. There was a time in my life when I didn’t know if I could believe that. It felt like the tension between my dreams/desires and the reality of my everyday life was so great that it would crush me. I felt stuck and the weight of the world was heavy on my shoulders. I’ve since come to know that we need places to voice our dreams. We need people to believe and hope on our behalf. And we need to be inspired by and invited into the dreams of others— to participate and to know that more is actually possible.

I believe in the power of dreaming.

There’s something that happens when a group of people dream together. It’s electric and it changes you. It changes the way the world feels. I’ve been in conversations where I’ve felt as though the very room was expanding— the walls slowly spreading apart and creating space.

Your dreams matter. Without dreams, we lose our sense of agency. Dreams connect us to who we are, what we long for, and our ability to effect change on the world around us. Ideas, creativity, innovations, and new ways of being are a gateway to change. They’re a needed reminder that what you do has meaning, that you are not stuck, and that possibility is out there.

Without dreams there is no change.
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This is why your dreams matter.

I also believe in the power of doing.

It’s one thing to play in the clouds of ideas, and another to figure out what happens when those ideas hit the ground.

It’s with these things in mind that I’m excited to invite you to participate with me in creating something extraordinary: a space for dreams.

On August 4th I am hosting a gathering in Seattle in partnership with my friend Ben Arment for you and your ideas. We are building a community of people who believe that more is possible and that ideas can and will change you and the world.

Would you join us?

Here’s the catch: We’re crowdsourcing this. If we don’t make it to 100 tickets in the next 28 days, the event won’t happen. This will only work if we do it together. Join us.

Update: The event reached 100% funding!

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      1. Yes! Like, the kind of music that makes you think anything is possible and nobody can stop you, but not too distracting. Yeah?

        1. I love this question! Maybe I’ll make a playlist, in fact!

          I like ambient yet melodic. Here’s my list:
          Olafur Arnalds
          Sigur Ros – particularly Valtari
          Goldmond – The Malady of Elegance
          Arvo Part – all of his work

          Slightly more distracting:
          Nico Muhly – particularly Mothertongue Pt. 1-4 (an all time favorite of mine)
          Son Lux – Lanterns

          That’s good for now. How about you?

          1. mmm, I’ll have to check some of these out! I’m a fan of

            Sigur Ros (of course)
            Jonsi & Alex
            Young Oceans (Before the Beginning)
            the Album Leaf
            Ludovico Einaudi

            I’m already enjoying some Lullatone, thanks for the suggestions!

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