Is Someone Else Is Already Chasing Your Dreams? Here’s What You Do

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Here’s a lie about your hopes and dreams: someone else has already done it, said it, made it, written it, created it, (etc.) so you shouldn’t.

So often we talk ourselves out of doing the things we desire the most because we see someone else doing something similar.

We tell ourselves: the world doesn’t need another musician, painter, programer, tech-start-up, ngo, etc. There are enough, already.

Maybe it is true. Maybe there are enough people doing something like what you want to do.

It’s true if you think about your desires and dreams only at a broad level. There are billions of people in the world and hundreds or thousands doing something like you want to do.

But you’re forgetting one important detail:

There’s no one doing it the way you would do it.

And that changes everything.

When you bring the specificity of who you are to any field or project, you discover a wealth of opportunity and space for yourself. No one else is you. No one else will do it the way that you do it.

Don’t let the fact that you’re not the only one keep you from pursuing the your dream and making your impact in the world.

Now it’s your turn: where do you get stuck when it comes to how you chase your dreams?

What are the stories you tell yourself? What are the rules you make up? What are the ways that you let yourself off the hook?

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  1. Dan, I love this and often feel this block as I try to push into what I want to do.

    It’s big for me to embrace the fact that I’ll have my unique spin on what I’m into, in this case travel & pilgrimage, etc.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. So true, Dan!!! I’ve heard it said that fear only lasts 20 seconds. So if we push through it – the illusion of what might or might not happen – the fear is overcome. 20 seconds! That’s all!
    And another thought – when we find others doing something similar to what we dream of doing – JOIN UP WITH THEM!!! Create a community of support and encouragement. Brainstorm together. Find your common ground and where the unique niches are that you each can hone in on. That’s called synergy – far more powerful than any one effort alone!
    Blessings to you as you continue The Meaning Movement!!!

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