Changing Focus with Growth with Jay Grandin

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Jay Grandin is a founding partner of GiantAnt— a film and animation studio.  He didn’t set out to start a company.  He didn’t even plan to pursue film and animation.  But one thing lead to another and a quirky thing he did with his girlfriend eventually become a business and career.

Jay’s story has many twists and turns that resonated with me, from the uncertainty of a new endeavor, to the struggle with purpose as a creative as his business grew.

Listen in here:

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Jay does?
  • How long has his studio been around?
  • How he started his business?
  • What his previous career was?
  • How he found himself creating online content?
  • How his parents influenced his career path?
  • Where his practice of saying “Yes” took him?
  • What are the pivotal moments in this journey?
  • How he made decisions in those pivotal moments?
  • Has he ever wanted to go back to his office job?
  • How he keeps his business phone ringing?
  • Details about working together as a couple.
  • What kind of content is he is creating now?
  • Who are the clients his studio is working with?
  • What is the most meaningful part of what he does
  • How has his role shifted as his company has evolved?
  • How he handle his whole team and the company?
  • What words of wisdom he could offer for us listeners?

Where to find Jay Grandin online:

Jay’s Website

Jay’s Twitter

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