Can Work Make You Happy? with Wendy Conrad

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Wendy Conrad has been where many of our listeners and I have also been at some point: a job that didn’t fit, feeling frustrated and needing a change. I’ll let her tell her story, and it’s a good one.

Her negative work experience lead her started asking the question: can work be a happy place? Can it actually be fun? which lead her to what she does now. Today she’s a Work Culture Developer and Founder of Your Happy Workplace, her current project and focus.

Wendy was a lot of fun to speak with. She’s full of energy and ideas. I had a great time speaking with her, and I think you’ll enjoy listening in.

Listen in here:

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Wendy does
  • What is the science of happiness
  • How did she get to where she is now
  • What obstacles did she face when she was working for others
  • What roles has she been in
  • How to build a self care routine while still being productive
  • What is her hope for her business
  • What are some actionable things you can do to make your workplace better
  • What do calling and purpose mean for Wendy
  • What to do if you feel stuck

Resources Mentioned:

Wendy’s website

Wendy’s Youtube Channel

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