Advocating for the Needs of Others with Brandon Shurr

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Brandon Shurr is a community organizer, social worker, and pastor. His work centers around advocacy for people who are marginalized and in need of representation. While you’ll hear lots of conversations on career podcast and blogs about transitioning toward more money or a better lifestyle, we all know there’s more to work than just a paycheck. I found my conversation with Brandon to be a great reminder of this.

Money, though important, isn’t the end all. And working simply for the good of others is a rewarding endeavor in and of itself.

Listen in here:

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Brandon found his way into what he does
  • Why does helping others matter so much to him
  • How did his parents affect his career path
  • How can you make social work sustainable
  • What are the creative ways that he uses to live within his means
  • >

  • How you don’t have to be a social worker to be able to help others
  • What we can do to help other people within our own circles
  • How Brandon decided to become a pastor
  • How he handles the preference of his children when it comes to faith
  • Why community orgnization matters
  • The tactics he uses to get his voice heard in his community
  • The major things he is dealing with right now within his community
  • Why Brandon cares for people whose voices are not being heard
  • How Brandon has handled challenging transitions
  • What Brandon has to say to people going through tough times
  • Brandon’s view on what is a dream job

Where to find Brandon Shurr online:
Brandon’s Facebook
Brandon’s Church, Sacred Heart Bloomington


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