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Remember — the Importance of Looking Back

I’m sitting on a couch in sunny Los Angeles in a house that does not belong to me. It belongs to my grandmother. I have so many memories in this room: playing legos on the floor. Watching Jeopardy every night over a small bowl of orange sherbet. That time a cousin’s boyfriend stepped on my train set and broke the bridge support (I’m still working on forgiving that guy).

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Finding Kindness for your Story

Many of us have not had a “conventional” journey- “conventional” being defined as the societal norm. Things just haven’t been ideal. We’ve had to work harder than we’re “supposed to”. We’ve had to go through more challenges than we’re “supposed to”. We’ve struggled more than we’re “supposed to”.

For many in the community here at The Meaning Movement, life has not taken us the way that we were told to expect.

Some in this community have wisdom from many years of such a journey. Others are just starting out.

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