The Decay of Meaning and What To Do Next with Laura Simms

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What happens when you come to the point with your work where you ask: is this what I want anymore?

Maybe it was a dream job at one point.
Maybe it was something you want to school for and have worked hard to attain.
Maybe it’s just where you ended up.

Regardless of how you’ve gotten here, the questions are the same: is this what I want?  If not than what?  How will I find out?  What will I have to do?  Can I even make that kind of change?

These are the kind of things I got to dig into with my guest today, Laura Simms.  The moment I found Laura’s site, I knew we had to speak.  We’re working on the same problem and using much of the same language.

In this interview we dig into her process of going from being a professional actor to what she does now: helping people find work that feels like home.

She offers some of her framework for thinking about these big questions and gives us some great places to dig in and start finding traction.

I found Laura to be so open and easy to talk to.  Our time went by so fast.  I hope you enjoy her as much as I did.

Listen in here:

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to find a meaningful career?
  • What is Laura’s career focus?
  • How she identified what she wanted to do?
  • Where she was in her career when she took a pivot?
  • What questions she asked herself in that lead her to make a change?
  • What is the “Decay of Meaning” for Laura?
  • Laura’s thoughts about giving up her dream.
  • How she answered the question, “Is this what I want?” 
  • What are “Through Lines” and what do they have to do with your journey?
  • Why people fear change?
  • How to handle career regrets?
  • Who Laura works with?
  • How she defines Meaning in life?
  • The difference between a skill and a strength.
  • How to find the right passion that pays?
  • What “Building the life that you want” means?
  • Her words of wisdom for the people who want to get started .

Resources Mentioned:

Laura’s website

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