Mentorship, Life Themes, and Firing Yourself with Adam Anderson

I needed today’s conversation so much. Both this interview and the last one we release came while I was in a bit of an inflection point professionally with one of my other projects. As many of you know, I have run a few businesses. One of which was in a bit of turmoil. I’m happy to say now, that we came out the other side…

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Mindset, Fear, and High Level Performance with Itamar Marani

There’s an old saying: when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I looked this up, trying to find where it came from. It’s pretty unclear. But it’s a truth that you know when you experience it. When you’re ready to level up and learn something, related things hit you differently. Certain interactions carry more weight and penetrate you deeper than they might have in…

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Finding Purpose in Higher Education with Jeff Strietzel

Jeff Strietzel always wanted to help others — a value he learned from how his parents raised him. That desire guided him to pursue ministry, which then lead him to higher education. Now a professor of leadership, Jeff’s found a space that he enjoys and a future that feels wide open. I really enjoyed my time with Jeff. He’s thought long and deep about things…

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