How Not to Find your Passion (and Where Else to Look)

I’ve read a thousand suggestions to help you find your passion in the world—like this blog post or this one (with all due respects to those authors). Most of them don’t help. Oddly enough, this blog is trying to help you do exactly that (I’ve written about passion before). But I have a trick up my sleeve. Here’s how most “advice on finding your passion”…

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Playing with Your Creative Block

A creative block is an impasse in your creative process. It is when you want to create, but feel stuck, stagnant, and at a loss for what to do next. (The most well-known creative block is Writter’s Block. I use Creative Block because it less medium specific.) Here’s the thing about creative blocks: your block is like playing with a strong willed three year old….

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What’s Next and What Came Before

It’s easy to start by wondering what’s next, but I start by wondering why you don’t know what’s next. Typically when we don’t know what the next move is, it usually means there’s something behind that’s still holding us back— there’s something in your past that still may need some attention.

Finding Kindness for your Story

Many of us have not had a “conventional” journey- “conventional” being defined as the societal norm. Things just haven’t been ideal. We’ve had to work harder than we’re “supposed to”. We’ve had to go through more challenges than we’re “supposed to”. We’ve struggled more than we’re “supposed to”. For many in the community here at The Meaning Movement, life has not taken us the way…

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What Apple Can Teach You About Work (it’s not what you think)

Apple is a brilliant company in so many ways. Every time they release a new product, it makes waves. People that use their products love their products. People love them so much that its sometime even called a cult. Love it or hate it, Apple is good at what they do. Though there are many reasons for it, here is one that we can take…

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