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Want more purpose and direction in your life? Curious if you have a calling. I’m a big fan of Dan Cumberland and his work at the Meaning Movement. It’ll help you wrestle with life’s biggest questions in the best way possible. Don’t miss the treasure trove of helpful resources here.

Jeff Goins

Best Selling Author of the Art of Work

When the topic of vocation comes up with clients, friends—even complete strangers—I always send them straight to Dan and the Meaning Movement. There's no one I know of who does this work better, and that's work worth doing.  

Lacy Clark Ellman

Spiritual Director, a Sacred Journey

I feel such an affinity for the work that Dan is doing. We need more people out there helping others tap into their true potential and calling!

Andy J. Miller

Illustrator and Host of Creative Pep Talk

If you want to tackle the big questions on meaning and purpose, Dan is one of the very best to help!

Scott Barlow

Host of the Happen to Your Career Podcast

"I rather stumbled onto The Meaning Movement and am SO glad that I did. If you're someone who KNOWS you're here to do big, meaningful things, but aren't quite sure how to bring it all to life, this is one resource you're going to want to come back to over and over again."

Jenny Foss

Career Consultant, JobJenny

Dan knows the perfect balance between aspirational and practical. A bit of dreaming about what could be, and with just enough how to so you can actually make it happen.

Caroline Lee

Photographer, Instagrammer, and Host of the Out of Line Podcast

There are very few people who possess tremendous creative vision and also know how to bring it to life. Dan Cumberland is one of those rarities.

Ben Arment

Author of Dream Year: Make the Leap from a Job You Hate to a Life You Love

Dan's work at The Meaning Movement is a breath of fresh air in the noisy online world, helping us figure out what really matters. I love what he's offering the world!

Leo Babauta

Author and Blogger ZenHa​​​​bbits

Dan's the kind of guy who's not afraid to ask hard questions. And he's not afraid of the work it takes to answer them, either. I really respect the work he does.

Tyler Tervooren

Founder, Riskology

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