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I Have a Work Confession

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This is a work confession: sometimes I work too much.

A few years ago I found myself working a job that kept me busy 5 nights a week. I would work all day. Eat dinner and then do more.

I’m not afraid of working hard and working long. But as much as I talk about working here, I have limits. You do too. We all do.

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Defining Your Arrival – what good stories can teach us about our work

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I long to be at a place in life where everything feels right and copesetic. As much as I know that “arrival” isn’t the point, I still long for that sense of achievement. In the study of the art of storytelling, the resolution to a story (called the “denouement” by story geeks— you know who you are) is the moments after the final climax where everything feels right.

As great as that kind of full completion would be, I’m realizing that I’m more interested in the sense of arrival that comes at the end of a story that is part of a greater saga. You know that the story continues beyond that moment, but when you finish the story it feels really good. There’s a sense that the challenges have been overcome. You know there are still more challenges to be faced in due time, but for the present moment you can rest and rejoice.

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Someone Already Knows the Path You Should Take (and how to start listening to them)

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This is a guest post by Lacy Clark Ellman. Lacy is a good friend, and frequent collaborator (she did the design work on the Meaning Manifesto, among other things). She’s been a big part of helping me do the work that I do today— this blog included. She’s an author, speaker, and designer. Give her a warm welcome in the comments, and keep up with her at her site: A Sacred Journey. Also, look for a chance to win her book below!

I had this thing I used to do when faced with a shopping decision. Say, for example, there was a sweater that I just loved and wanted to buy, but I couldn’t decide which color I liked best. Here’s what the chatter in my head would sound like: I don’t have anything in purple, but I’m more drawn to the tan. But then again I have 3 tan sweaters… maybe I should get it in purple. But do I want to get it in purple? Then again, should I really get something else that’s tan?

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One Simple Idea that Will Change Your Community and Life

I’m becoming increasing convinced that the best way to build community is to create together. Furthermore, the greater the creation, the deeper the community that results. If you are creating something that really matters with others, I mean the kind of thing that you really long to see manifested in the world, then deeper parts of those involved will be invited to come out and play.

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Better Questions for Finding Your Life’s Work in the World

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I’ve written about how the common questions are often not helpful in finding a direction. For much of my life I found these kind of questions to be deeply frustrating. I would do my best to answer them, but found that I either could not answer them (because they’re too big) or I wouldn’t know what to do with my answer (it would be too abstract). These questions would leave me feeling more broken and more lost than I was before. After all, they are supposed to be the secret to finding your calling, right? I would be left without answers and feeling like the system that works for everyone else does not work for me for some reason.

If you’ve ever had a similar experience, I’m here to tell you: the easy questions only give you easy answers. Your deeper answers require deeper and better questions.

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