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How Your Phone is Keeping You Stuck

I am never bored anymore. In any moment of down time, my device calls out to me to check in and see what’s happening on social media and email.

This is great from one standpoint: I don’t have to be bored anymore. And who likes being bored? Certainly not me.

It’s not great from another: what do we lose when we lose the ability to be bored? Even more disturbing: what happens when we no longer allow ourselves to feel the more difficult feelings?

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I Have a Work Confession

- - Purpose, Work

This is a work confession: sometimes I work too much.

A few years ago I found myself working a job that kept me busy 5 nights a week. I would work all day. Eat dinner and then do more.

I’m not afraid of working hard and working long. But as much as I talk about working here, I have limits. You do too. We all do.

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Defining Your Arrival – what good stories can teach us about our work

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I long to be at a place in life where everything feels right and copesetic. As much as I know that “arrival” isn’t the point, I still long for that sense of achievement. In the study of the art of storytelling, the resolution to a story (called the “denouement” by story geeks— you know who you are) is the moments after the final climax where everything feels right.

As great as that kind of full completion would be, I’m realizing that I’m more interested in the sense of arrival that comes at the end of a story that is part of a greater saga. You know that the story continues beyond that moment, but when you finish the story it feels really good. There’s a sense that the challenges have been overcome. You know there are still more challenges to be faced in due time, but for the present moment you can rest and rejoice.

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