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The Source of Calling and How Most Theories Fail (A Response To Michael Hyatt)

Calling comes from a deep place inside yourself— the very deepest. It’s a place where desire, fear, risk, and hope all tangle up into this ball of feelings connected to your identity. It’s a vulnerable place, and it’s a tender place. It’s not a place that’s easily or quickly accessed.

One of my favorite bloggers, Michael Hyatt wrote a blog post and a podcast on calling. I respect him tremendously. I read everything he writes and have been very influenced by his book. But I’m frustrated by the model he presented. I believe he missed the mark here— as people often do when they talk about calling.

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How Finding Your Passion Depends On Your Words

A friend and I have been roasting a lot of coffee. Not too long ago we set up a cupping of four Indonesian coffees (a small number in the coffee world). We prepared the cups and had them laid out on the table in front of us. We then spent time smelling and tasting each one— trying to describe the nuances of flavor. Though they were all from the same part of the world, the profiles between each were drastically different— which is where the real challenge lies.
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How Your Phone is Keeping You Stuck

I am never bored anymore. In any moment of down time, my device calls out to me to check in and see what’s happening on social media and email.

This is great from one standpoint: I don’t have to be bored anymore. And who likes being bored? Certainly not me.

It’s not great from another: what do we lose when we lose the ability to be bored? Even more disturbing: what happens when we no longer allow ourselves to feel the more difficult feelings?

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