Embracing Seasons, Balancing Work, and Helping the Planet with Paige NeJame

There are two areas of life where we experience fulfillment and meaning. One is in our work and careers. If you listen to the Meaning Movement, if you listen to the show, I know you have wrestled with some of those ideas. But then there’s the rest of life outside of your work and your career.   Most of us realize that it’s a both/and situation:…

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Embracing Entrepreneurial Transformation with Ryan Barton

I am so thrilled to bring you this conversation today with Ryan Barton. Ryan as an acquaintance for some time. He went through the Calling Course with me a little while ago and has just continued to impress me with the way that he thinks so deeply about his work and the business that he’s leading. He thinks deeply about work.  We just could just…

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How to Set Better Goals and Achieve More

You’ve probably been doing goals all wrong.  Or at least not as well as you could.  In this workshop style session, Dan Cumberland walks you step by step through a goal setting framework.

How to do an Annual Review (with free guide)

In this hands on workshop style, Dan Cumberland takes you step-by-step through his 7-part framework to help you get the most of the end of year energy. Listen in, follow along, and download his templates at: