Undocumented to Financial Independence with Diego Corzo

I know work can be a tough part of life for some. I’ve had it lucky in many ways, in spite of the many struggles I’ve had over the years. Our guest today had to overcome more than most, and his story is incredible. Diego came to the United States at 9 years old, undocumented. He was a great student — top of his class….

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Working With and For Yourself with Stephen Warley

Stephen Warley wants you to take control of your work and career and become a free agent. He believes that your best work is done when you’re working for yourself, and not for someone else. Stephen runs Life Skills that Matter – a business, blog, and podcast that helps people start businesse that fit who you are. He believes that work is changing for the…

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Building an Intentional Career and Organization with Barrett Brooks

Barrett Brooks believes that business, when done right, can be one of the most powerful forces for good in the world. His career took a sharp turn when the path he planned ended up feeling empty. This sent him on a journey toward discovering what makes meaningful work. I’ll let him tell his story. But needless to say, Barett has thought long and hard about…

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Best Books on Finding Purpose (Updated for 2021)

I love books. After having moved a number of times in the last few years, I should say that I really love the library and digital books (I love my Kindle). I’m always finding new books and checking way too many of them out from the library (which I’ve found is a great way to rack up fees and support your local branch).

I peruse and read just about anything that I can get my hands on related to purpose, passion, calling, vocation, business, marketing, and writing. This is why my list grows way faster than I can keep up with it (just like my library fines!).

The problem with there being so many interesting books out there is that few of them really stand out to me after a few weeks or months have passed. They may be fun to read once, but I’m interested in finding the books that stand the test of time and keep offering more insight the more you read them.

So I wanted to offer my short list of favorites along with why I think they matter.

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Can Work Make You Happy? with Wendy Conrad

Wendy Conrad has been where many of our listeners and I have also been at some point: a job that didn’t fit, feeling frustrated and needing a change. I’ll let her tell her story, and it’s a good one. Her negative work experience lead her started asking the question: can work be a happy place? Can it actually be fun? which lead her to what…

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