Fall In Love With The Problem

Fall In Love With The Problem

Your life’s work is about solving a problem. You’re here to make something better for someone. You’re here to change something and create something that makes the world a better place in some way.

We often fall in love with a possible solution to a problem, not solving the problem.[tweet that]

When I meet someone, I’m always playing with how I talk about my work. Currently my go-to response is something like: I help people figure out what to do with their lives. Then I go on to talk about writing, speaking, and working one-on-one with people. My new acquaintance sometimes remarks (in an attempt to give some category to me): “Oh, so you’re a blogger.” Or “Oh, so you’re a life coach,” in a tone that implies I should have started with those facts.

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Building Habits: an Interview with Leo Babauta

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interview with Leo Babauta

I believe in the importance of habits and routine. You can’t make impossible things possible without making small steps and small changes. Though on their own they may be small and (seemingly) insignificant, over time they build toward something: a new way of being, the birth of a new business or project, overcoming a long-standing obstacle, or finding the kind of work that you want to give your life to.

Leo Babauta has helped more people think about and build healthy habits than anyone else I know. He is an expert in life change through habits. I can’t stay away from his blog, Zen Habits. He is a minimalist, a father of six, a vegan, the author of a handful of books, and a fantastic guy.

I got the chance to interview him about building habits and his new book (which is live on kickstarter right now!), Zen Habits.
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Q&A Webinar: Finding Purpose, Passion, and Work Worth Doing

webinar finding purpose

I’ll do anything to connect with and help people that are passionate about life, work, and making something great (even if you don’t know what it is yet).

The more conversation I have, the more convinced I am that the key to finding your own way has to do with taking risks and having courageous conversations. I’m also becoming more and more convinced that the best way to help people is to listen to the questions that you’re asking.

I can talk, write, and create all I want, but if it doesn’t speak to the questions you’re asking, then I’m wasting both of our time.

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When “Never Give Up” is Bad Advice

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Never give up on your dreams

Let’s be honest. There are times when you just need to quit.

That might be surprising coming from me because I love telling you to never give up. It’s a phrase that finds its way into many of my articles. And I love that.

Persistence is one of the most important attributes to finding and doing work worth doing. I won’t allow you to give up, put your head down, and surrender to your life and your work simply as it comes. My mission is to shake you awake to what really matters and to inspire you to dig deeper, create riskier, speak up, show up, and never stop.

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