How To Break Free Of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

I have a friend who can’t handle difficult feelings. He plans away the unknown. He can’t wait for things to come to him in the right timing. Though he may consider himself strategic or even a “go-getter”, underneath he’s impulsively pain-avoidant.

I’m learning more and more that my ability to stay in the tension in life is necessary for growth.

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Learning How to Let Go

how to let go

I get stuck a lot.

Recently I’ve been working on some additional offerings for my readers. Right now I have two primary ways that I help people find and clarify their work, calling, and passions: blog posts and one-on-one work. Those are two ends of a spectrum, with blog posts reaching many people in a small way and one-on-one sessions reaching a few people in a deep way. I’m working on a few projects to fill out the in-between.

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When Hope Isn’t Enough: Why You Need an Action Plan

Action Plan by Sparkfly Photography -

I like to think of myself as a hopeful person. And I really am— sometimes. Other days it feels like the sun will cease to shine and that there is no point to anything. I can become quite pessimistic on those days.

To hope is to desire something to exist that currently does not exist. It is the expectation and desire for something to happen. The challenge of hope is that expectation is a double edged sword:

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