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Enjoy The Process

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I opened the computer to begin writing and felt a twinge of dread. I had been in a rough place emotionally. I had been giving too much thought to all the things that didn’t feel like they were working out. I was feeling discouraged. Writing had been more difficult. I didn’t feel like I had much to give.

Stacia sat down across from me and said excitedly, “We haven’t had a morning like this in a while! I’ll get my book and we can just sit together!” I felt things shift in me immediately when I heard the tone in her voice.
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It’s Never too Late (What Wayne Coyne and The Flaming Lips taught me)

I read the other day that Wayne Coyne, the frontman of the Flaming Lips‚ worked as a fry cook at Long John Silver’s for 11 years before the band got signed. That’s a long time to be at Long John Silver’s. That’s a long time to work a job that isn’t taking you anywhere. Those are years that could have felt profoundly stuck and hopeless.

It’s easy to feel stuck where you are and that nothing will ever change, but I look at Wayne Coyne, one of the greatest artists of today and I am encouraged by his lengthy stint at Long John Silver’s.

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A Writing Experiment (and I why I need your help!)

Update: I am closing this experiment for the time being. If you would like me to write for you feel free to email me at dan at, but know that I am not able to take all offers. Thanks to all of you who participated!

I recently wrote about the Life Experiments concept— trying out new directions or deeper engagement with work that matters to you.

I find myself experimenting often. I just enjoy trying things for the sake of seeing how they go, where they go, and how they feel. And it’s time for me to take another step.

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The Difference Between Impossible and Improbable

What you need to know about calling something “impossible” is that it will remain impossible as long as you consider it impossible. As long as something is impossible, it won’t happen. It can’t happen. You won’t even consider moving toward it because you don’t believe in it. But once you begin to consider that something is possible, even if it’s improbable, only then will you consider attempting it. There is a vast difference between impossible and improbable.

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