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How Will You Spend Your Willpower?

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Studies show that willpower is like a muscle— you can build it by exercise, and it gets tired when you use it too much.

The book, The Power of Habit, has a lot of great material around this idea — particularly chapter 5. People who come home after a draining day that has tested their willpower in big ways are much more likely to watch more TV, eat poorly, and not exercise. To choose to do something better or healthier takes more willpower than they have left to spend.

So what does this mean to you?

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Four Reasons Why You Need a Routine

- - Persistence, Work

I’ve never been great at being scheduled. In some ways, time can just be difficult for me. That probably sounds crazy, and I wish I was joking, but I’m not. I have a hard time estimating time, and sticking to a schedule.

Though being unscheduled can feel really nice, it can make getting things done rather difficult. As Stacia and I have pushed further into the things that matter most to us, I’ve come to realize more and more how important it is to have a routine and to make use of a schedule. If you expect the things you’re doing to be successful, then you need to treat them like a job— particularly if you are self employed or if the things that matter most to you are self-initiated.

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How to Keep From Starting Things and Not Finishing Them

- - Persistence

Confession time. I have a starting problem. I LOVE starting things! And I’m really good at it. I can start so many things, that you’ll loose track of them. In fact, I can start so many thing that I’ll loose track of them. I can get so excited about the ideas behind things that I want to just jump in and start. And I do.

I can think of a handful of small projects that I’ve decided to start– often they are things that I’m making or building. I go to the store and get supplies. It’s all so much fun, until I get back and then realize how much work is ahead and how it may be really really hard work. If I’m not careful I can do a lot of starting things and not finishing them.

(If you’re curious about my projects, that I’m committed to sticking with (finishing) are my photography company, this blog and my work helping people find meaning.)

Starting has its limits.

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Launching, Leaping, and Risking (and The Fear Of It)

- - Persistence, Risk and Fear

I’ve been excited about launching this blog for quite some time. I’ve been talking about it and writing for it for a while. Now it’s here. Now it’s launching. And in the last few weeks, I have found myself dragging my feet and coming up with so many reasons not to do this. All of a sudden, I have so many other things to do. It’s as though I once had a force within me that wanted to move forward but now that force wants to stand still and avoid what’s next.

Years ago I directed a program for high school students at a camp way up in northern CA. The camp has lots of high adventure programs, one of which is white water rafting on the Klamath river. We’re talking big, cold water. It’s epic, and so much fun.

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