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How Letting Go of Outcomes Helps Your Work (and why you should try it)

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I’ve been struggling with my work. For the past few months I’ve struggled with feeling connected to those on the other side of my work. I see that emails get opened and the blog gets visits. But the response has been difficult to measure.

And this has been challenging for me. I’ve spent a lot of time wondering why.

Am I doing something wrong?

Have I lost touch with my readers?

All of this has lead me to evaluate how I think about my work. What if my work at its core was about offering something rather than getting a response?

It’s not about how big your work gets. It’s not about how many people are interested in what you do. It’s not about how much money you make. It’s not even about getting others to participate.

It’s about you doing something that you love and offering it to the world— regardless of its reception. Continue Reading

Lessons Learned From Near Death Experiences

About 5 months ago I came closer to death than I’ve ever been. On a Tuesday afternoon, much like every other, I started having a stomach ache. It wasn’t that much unlike other stomach aches I’ve had. I thought it was my dinner.

Fast forward a few days. A trip to the emergency room and a CT scan revealed that my intestines were literally in a knot. They couldn’t get enough pain killer into me to help with the pain. Morphine? No effect. Fentanyl? Nothing. None of the strong stuff was strong enough.

Moments later I’m in the surgical prep room and they’re walking me through all of the possible scenarios they may encounter once they have me opened. They may have to remove part or all of my intestines. I might have to use a colostomy bag from here on out.

That’s when I realized just how serious things were.  I was about to go under anesthesia and into surgery.  I would take a nap and would wake up to whatever my new and completely unknown future would hold.

It’s terrifying.  But at the time I just had to keep moving forward.

It’s hard to wrap my mind around it all, but here are some of the things I’m learning as I continue to process it.

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How to Find This Year’s Theme

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A good friend of mine always chooses a theme for his coming year. He bases his theme choice on a combination of what he learned from his last year, what he hopes for the coming year, and the practical details of what’s ahead.

Back in college when he first told me about how he did this, I didn’t think too much of it. More recently, my friend Lacy from A Sacred Journey has been a consistent advocate for choosing a word (and all things related to intentional and spiritual living— see her post about her word for this year here). Over the years the idea has grown on me. Sometimes I’ve felt like I want a theme for my year but don’t know what it should be. Other years I haven’t felt the need for a theme. Still others it’s felt like there’s an obvious choice.

This year for me is the later. There’s one thing that is on my horizon. It’s as if everything that I’m pursuing passes through it.

But before I tell you what it is, I want to offer some ideas for you to think through as you consider what your theme might be.

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How to Respond When Life Throws You a Curveball

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My life stopped about a month and a half ago. Everything was normal before it happened. I mean 100% business as usual. I was going about my typical days and then it all came crashing down on me.

I had a lot going on, that’s for sure. I was a month out from announcing my biggest and most exciting project of the year (click that link. It’s a big deal). And my wife and I were a month and a half out from welcoming our firstborn into the world — the kind of event that you’ll never feel prepared for.

And then, on an idle Tuesday evening, on a walk with my dog, I started to feel a bit ill.

The next few days and multiple doctor visits culminated in an emergency surgery to correct an intestinal issue.

After a few days in the hospital, I was home. And after a few days at home, I was back in the hospital with serious complications.

I spent 14 days and 13 nights in the hospital.
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Tribute to Scott Dinsmore: One Month Later

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I started this blog a few years ago. I had a good idea of what I wanted it to be, and I’ve figured the rest out as I’ve gone.

There was a short list of people who I found to be most inspiring in the blogosphere. Some were entrepreneurs, some worked in the realm of meaning and purpose, and some wrote in ways that made you pay attention.

Scott Dinsmore was at the top of all of those lists. He was the kind of person who everyone in the online space seemed to know, and his work had so many similarities to my own that it made me burn with jealousy.

Jealousy tells you that you want something someone else has.

Scott was too good to be true. And it took me a while to get over how much success he had and how much everyone loved him.

He was a golden boy, and I couldn’t take it for a long time. I wanted what he had. I wanted to accomplish the kind of things that he accomplished.

As time passed, I gradually opened myself to his work. And the more I did, the more I found myself feeling a growing respect for him.

He wasn’t loved just because he was lucky or because he could put on a nice front. He was loved because he loved people. Truly. Deeply. And wholeheartedly. Continue Reading