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Your Mid Year Review

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Do you even remember the beginning of this year?

January is a long ways away. And with it is the blank canvas of a brand new year.

People like to talk about goals and resolutions at the turn of the calendar. There are good reasons for that— after the break of the holidays, they’re ready to jump in. With the turn of the calendar date, everything feels new and possible.

But can you even remember your resolutions at this point?

No matter what goals you set, or didn’t set in January, and no matter what resolutions you kept or didn’t keep— I’d like to issue you a challenge:

We’re halfway through the year. It’s time to do a Mid Year Review and consider what you can dream up, instigate, imagine, hustle on, create, and make happen by 2019.

Anything that’s happened thus far is either progress or a sunk cost.
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Millennials and How to Be an Adult (at any age!) with Paul Angone

Paul Angone has something to say to 20-somethings, but not just 20-somethings. He has something to say to anyone who is in some sort of transition. If you’re asking questions like, What’s next? Who am I? What am I doing with my life?— he has something to say to you.

Paul Angone is an author, speaker, and consultant with a two fold focus, on one hand he helps organizations understand the needs and desires of today’s younger generations.
On the other, he helps people navigate the biggest career and life questions.

He writes at and is the author of 101 Secrets for your Twenties, All Groan up, and his newest work, 101 Questions you need to ask in Your Twenties.
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Advocating for the Needs of Others with Brandon Shurr

Brandon Shurr is a community organizer, social worker, and pastor. His work centers around advocacy for people who are marginalized and in need of representation. While you’ll hear lots of conversations on career podcast and blogs about transitioning toward more money or a better lifestyle, we all know there’s more to work than just a paycheck. I found my conversation with Brandon to be a great reminder of this.

Money, though important, isn’t the end all. And working simply for the good of others is a rewarding endeavor in and of itself. Continue Reading

How to Make a Successful Career Transition with Jenny Foss

Jenny Foss is an expert on career transitions.  Years ago, when she suddenly found herself a single parent, she did the last thing that many of us would consider doing: starting her own business.  I’ll let her tell that story and some of the very smart reasons for that decision.  But that eventually propelled her to where she is now combining her experience in writing, marketing, and recruitment to help job seekers make their transitions at
Jenny is great at what she does, and, as you’ll hear, she’s such a kind and open person.  We talk about her story and how she’s gotten to where she is today, how to get untangled when you feel stuck and unsure of where you’re going, what makes a great resume, and so much more.
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Career Change From Engineer to Artist with Tom Froese

Tom Froese didn’t pass art class his Senior Year. He went on to study computer networking and engineering.

After graduation, he began pursuing his art on the side. Over time he found ways to make more opportunities for himself. Today he is a Commercial Artist and Illustrator.

In this episode, Tom shares why he believes it’s important to take the longer view and have a strategic approach because it takes time to become a full-time artist. These days he appreciates all the twists and turns on the journey and says the path took him exactly where he needed to go to get to where he is today.
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