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Dan Cumberland is on a mission to push you into the places meaning, life, & work intersect. He is the author of The Meaning Manifesto. Read more about him here.

Initiate Before You Respond

I have rules for myself about email. One of which is not to check email in the first or last few hours of the day. I prefer not to check in the morning because I…

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Why You Haven’t Found The Silver Bullet

The concept of the silver bullet first originated in folklore. In some stories a bullet cast from silver was the only way to defeat certain foe— Wikipedia says “werewolves, witches, and other monsters”. It has…

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Why You Need to Find Your People

One out of ten people don’t understand what I’m doing. I’ll talk about the Meaning Movement, what I write about, and the work I do one-on-one with people, and they’ll just stare at me for…

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